Privacy Policy

cheapflyfares is fully committed to securing the privacy of personal information which a customer provides to us when he/she use website. The Privacy Policy describes how we react to the personal information received about the customer. We build up the content or provide services from the other websites that also include the website to the customer to the link located on Though other websites are not related to this Privacy Policy. From our end, we can say that before taking any decision please go through the privacy policy section which will help a customer to understand how the particular website protects customer privacy. Though information is the keystone for us as it is the most important factor on which a client or a customer trust build. If we keep the client information secure, is one of the top priorities for us, as a travel agency, we know what our customer wants and what exactly we can deliver to him/her. Here it is our promise to every single customer that is using our services to understand how our policies work: We are here to protect the information of any customer who relies upon us as per the standards of security and confidentiality, keeping in mind all the parameters so that his/her information does not pass upon through any other source. We collect the minimum information from our customer and believe in providing the top class service that includes giving the right advice to our customers about our products, services, and opportunities by which they are able to take right decisions as per their suitability. We allow only the authorized employees who have a good experience in handling the customer information so they could access their information. But the ones who violate our privacy policy may result in the normal disciplinary process. We do not open our mouth that is we do not share the customer information to any other external source until and unless we previously informed the customer in agreement, or required by the law. We always try to maintain the confidential information of a customer whatever so happen, until and unless the situation is in our favor. Whenever we hire other organizations to support services, we need them to obey the standards and to allow us to audit them for conformity. We work as diligently as we keep our customer files complete and up-to-date, and perfect. We also tell our customers that from where they can access the information and do let us know if they find any error so we could correct them as per their feasibility. The content, trademark and logo of this website is completely subject of privacy, without any written permission of the company, no one can use these things, whether any person or third party. If anyone will copy these things they will be subject of legal action. Information Require Generic If any customer comes to us and when we register the information on instant or any other time, we may collect personally identifiable information of a customer that includes name, address, telephone number, e-mail id and the relevant information about the computer. We do not collect any kind of personal data from the children who fall under age thirteen. Also, if a person is under 18 years of age he/she is not allowed to provide personal information until and unless permission granted from parent/guardian. Website Usage Information Whenever a customer visits cheapflyfares website we automatically collect IP addresses and Website usage information. This information will really help us to evaluate the demographic behavior of a customer that is an area of interest, page click, a number of times customer visit the page and duration of the time that is how long he/she stay on that website. How we use collected Information: We use the information the several ways: • First for the purpose which you have mentioned specifically. • Second, we will send you an e-mail notification about our services, offers, our new products details or else our travel team will contact you. • Third, we will enhance our services and work on what we can offer new to our customers. • Fourth we will customize the content so it will reach to the targeted audience as per their interest what they are into or what they prefer. • Fifth we will contact the customer in case if we find query is genuine from the customer end. Cookies We are grateful to thank cookie technology which helps visitors and customers that moves fast through the website. Whenever a person checks in to the website of travel with a dream or takes advantage of various features, we may pass cookies to your computer. For your kind of information, a cookie is a string of information that is sent by a website and stored on your hard drive or temporarily in your computer’s memory. Security When it comes to collect your personal information then it is stored in limited access servers. We maintain those servers with the help of high-end firewall technology so that no one could easily break the wall and take away all the information at once. Internet Technology We all know that the Internet acts as a global environment, so by using the internet we can collect the information and process the personal data which necessarily involves the transfer of data usually on an international basis. So just by browsing this traveling website and by communicating electronically customer acknowledges and agrees to our processing of personal data in this way. Policy Modifications We may change this privacy policy from time to time as per the updates. Please go through the website from time to time. Though, in the future, if the privacy policy of this website changes then the information which we have will not be used as per any change until and unless we get a green sign from the customer end. No one can take any legal action against modification of this website policy in any condition. Comments and Questions If a customer wants to ask a question related to the changes in Privacy policy then yes we are here to help and resolve whatever the query.